10 Reasons Why You Would Want To Quit Facebook

10 Reasons Why You Would Want To Quit Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that was started only a few years ago. Yet, it has reached its pinnacle of success and is still growing. This introduction wasn’t even required, because there is hardly anybody who hasn’t heard of Facebook. When you became a part of this community, many people must have told you several reasons why you should be there. These are 10 reasons why you would want to quit Facebook.

1. Gets you more friends and equal number of enemies

They say many misunderstandings take place because of Facebook. You upload a picture for your friends and you accidentally forget to tag one friend. There you have unknowingly left a root of misunderstanding to grow. There are several Facebook applications like interviewing apps that ask personal questions about your friends. Questions like ‘Which of your friend is most likely to be gay?’ can lead to enmity among people who cannot take jokes on them.

2. Reduces privacy

Often people get comfortable sharing not only pictures, but also personal information to strangers. It is this very lack of privacy that leads of various problems. Your personal life becomes like an open book to an outsider. Even if you privatize your information on Facebook, it is not difficult to search for a person and hack into his account. Isn’t it spooky to have weird strangers peeking into your private life and stalking you over Facebook?

3. Cuts down on real life

There are applications on Facebook that let you own your very own virtual farm, grow crops and train animals there. They are so addictive that people even spend real money to make their farm cooler than others’! Similarly you can own your own cafĂ© out there. Such addiction is surely going to make you jobless. On Facebook, you can not only have a virtual boyfriend but also pets! Seriously, how lame can it get? All of this only causes people to cut down on their own social life, because they are so comfortable with the virtual one.

4. Is time-consuming

Think about how much time you ideally spend on Facebook. Just imagine how much time you would have, if you just managed to chuck this part out of your life. All that lack of time that you always complained about will be all yours! You can now use this time to do something more productive and more fun as well.

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