13 Things You can Do When You have Nothing to Do

13 Things You can Do When You have Nothing to Do

Do you ever think that your life is boring or that you are doing absolutely nothing in life? Well, the truth is that we rarely sit idle without doing absolutely anything. Consciously or unconsciously our mind and body are constantly engaging in some activity or the other, even when we have nothing to do. We give you some of the things that people do when they have nothing to do and we are sure you’ll find yourself doing one of these things the next time you think you are sitting idle. This will make you wonder if we ever have “absolutely nothing to do.”

1. Eat

Well, most of us tend to pay the fridge a visit when we have absolutely nothing to keep us busy. We look for food to keep us engaged.

2. Doodle

There are many of us who have a special wall, a diary, a set of post-its or some space that ends up getting filled with random graffiti or weird formations when we have a pen/pencil in hand and absolutely nothing to occupy our mind. Without even realizing, you just start doodling for no rhyme or reason.

3. Watch TV

This happens with a lot of people. Our hands invariably reach for the remote the moment we are made to sit idle. And more often than not, we do not even care about what it is that we are watching on TV.

4. Play on the phone

If you have a Smartphone then you will never be doing nothing. Even when you think you have absolutely nothing to do, you will either be playing games, checking social networking sites, hunting for some app, or just browsing your phone for no reason at all.

5. Call up friends

Have you ever found yourself calling up a friend just because you have absolutely nothing to do? For most people, the answer would be yes.

6. Stare at the ceiling

This seems to be one of the favorite past times. Just stare into nothingness or lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling.

7. Think of the past or the future

Our mind usually keep dwindling between the past and the future whenever we find ourselves absolutely free. You will either start regretting the past or feel anxious of the future.

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