5 Ways To Ask A Guy To A Dance

5 Ways To Ask A Guy To A Dance

”Finding ways to ask a guy to dance can be difficult. By the time you figure out the best way, you may lose your opportunity to get the guy of your dreams to dance with you”, says Janet who is an excellent dancer herself. Be armed with these great tips and ways to ask a guy to dance.

1. Cozy up and then ask to dance

“This trick has been tried and tested, so you can be rest assured that you will be able to get your guy on the dance floor unless he is a total jerk. Holding his arm, putting your hand on his chest when he jokes, holding his back or even leaning on him is a great way to get cozy with a guy”, says Janet. Even we think that this is one of the best ways to ask a guy to dance because the element of physical touch will boost the comfort level between the two of you. He will gladly accept your request to dance.

2. Be confident and pull your guy on the dance floor

On exploring more ways to ask a guy to dance, Janet says, “Dubbed as the Forceful Dance Trick, this is a great way to coax guys to dance especially the ones who don’t know how to dance. Once you start talking to the guy and both of you have had a few drinks, simply grab your guy’s arms and pull him towards the dance floor. The spur of the moment will take over the two of you and even the worst of dancers will start moving their feet”. “This is a pretty neat way to ask a guy to a dance, Janet”, we said.

3. Use the shy girl approach

“Well if you’re not the woman who can pull daring moves, why not try being the shy and timid woman who wants to dance? After your first few lines of conversation with the guy, keep a timid and shy expression on your face and ask your guy if he will dance with you. The guy should sense your immense passion and desire to dance with him”, said Janet. We just love this way to ask a guy to dance, don’t you girls?

4. Get a friend to ask the guy

We loved this tip from Janet because it is one of the easiest ways to ask a guy to dance. “You can ask your friend to go up to the guy and point towards you and say that girl wants to dance with you. While she does that and when the guy looks at you from a distance, you can give him an inviting smile and maybe even a cute wave of the hand”, Janet suggested.

5. Send a note

“This way of asking a guy to dance is mysterious and I find it very sexy. Next time you are at a club and want to ask a guy to dance, why not ask one of the waiters or bartenders to send your hand written note to him? You can write playful lines like “Hey mister, would you like to dance with me?”, or “You look like someone who can handle a dance or two, care to dance?” to get your guy on the dance floor.

We think these are some sure shot ways to ask a guy to dance. Depending on what your personality is like, select one way of asking your guy to dance, and watch the magic unfold on the dance floor.

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