Does Your Boyfriend Take You For Granted? Learn How to Deal With It

Does Your Boyfriend Take You For Granted? Learn How to Deal With It

In a relationship, it is important to be respected and acknowledged. However, most guys begin to take the girls in their lives for granted as time passes by. This certainly is not the way to be. As a girlfriend, you need to be treated specially, no matter how long you have been with your boyfriend. He must never take you for granted. Here are a few tips to ensure the same.

1. Keep distance

Yes, this is the first thing you need to do. When your boyfriend knows that you are always around, he is never going to appreciate you fully. You need not keep your boyfriend updated of your whereabouts and activities all the time. Stay out of touch, and later when he asks what you have been doing, answer enthusiastically about what kept you busy. Say something like “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t call you before, but I just got so engrossed talking with my colleague, I completely forgot you.” Or something like that.

2. Get some time for yourself

Rather than spending every hour of every day with your boyfriend, do things with your other friends or just yourself. When your boyfriend begins to realize that he is not your only companion, he will begin to treasure the times that you both spend with each other.

3. Make him listen to you

Most guys are experts at not paying attention. So when you want to say something important, ensure that your boyfriend listens. Bring it up at a later point to see if he actually paid attention. If he fails to recollect what you told him, make him understand that you expect his mental and physical presence when he is with you.

4. Tone down the eagerness

If you think your boyfriend is taking you for granted, then you need to show the same behavior. Don’t get excited when he calls or when you folks go out on a date. Appear distant, indifferent and act as if it is not a big deal that you both are together. Do not pay complete attention to him; instead act distracted and uninterested in what he is saying. Don’t over do it, just try to make him realize that he is not your world. He needs to understand that if he doesn’t work harder to impress you, then you really don’t care much.

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