10 Reasons Why You Would Want To Quit Facebook

8. Is over hyped

Today people are so addicted to Facebook that within a few days, it will become a part of our basic necessities. Just like it is said, ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Facebook is just another social networking site that is over hyped and commercialized. Don’t be a fool in an attempt to be cool!

9. Has a fake-o-land

Honestly, how many of those on your friend list on Facebook are really your close friends? You will find a lot of people out there posting messages on your wall, commenting over your posts and liking your pictures, but when they meet you on the road, they would seldom say even a humble ‘hi’ to you. All of a sudden all those people, who wouldn’t even want to talk to you, want to be your Facebook buddies. Beat those Facebook lovers!

10. There are better things

For God’s sake, Facebook is just a social networking site. It’s not like the moment you leave Facebook, you are going to be cutting out on all your friends in the world. Breaking news: We also have phones, emails, letters or chances to meet our friends in person to stay in touch. Why Facebook alone?

Moral of the story; don’t let Facebook take over your life. Live a real life and let Facebook just be a small part of it. If you are severely addicted to it, think about quitting it.

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