10 Reasons Why Girls Love Bradley Cooper

Reasons Why Girls Love Bradley Cooper

Why do girls love Bradley Cooper? Apart from the ‘X’ factor that he possesses, there are so many reasons that we can spell out to you. Read below and find out which is your reason among these.

1. He’s hot! He’s hot! He’s hot!

Check out those sexy bedroom eyes, that bright warm smile and that physique that you would want to drag home; Brad looks like one of those Greek gods that you might have been dreaming of. Not calling him hot by itself would be blasphemy.

2. He plays the wicked but charming bad guy always

Brad is most known for his roles as the bad guy. Can we forget his role as the wicked boyfriend of Rachel McAdams in the Wedding Crashers? No, we can’t! Because he was way hotter than even the protagonist! Can we forget his role as the heartless one in The Hangover? Never! Nor can we forget his role as the lustful cheater husband of Jennifer Connelly; ‘coz he still looked sexy. Don’t you agree?

3. He’s got the brains!

Ah! A handsome man with brains to match his looks is like a breath of fresh air! Brad Cooper is a shining alumnus from The Georgetown University, where he got a Bachelors degree in English. Did you know that?

4. He’s funny

Laughter is the best medicine; and so is Bradley Cooper for the hungry hearts of the girls worldwide! He often says that he doesn’t think of himself as funny. But seriously that itself is a joke! Watch any of his interviews and see if you’re able to stop that smile from spreading on your face.

5. He’s got adventure pumping through his blood

Talk about men who are adventurous, and Brad’s name will come into the picture. What else can you say about a guy who played the host of Globe Trekker on Discovery Channel? Adventurous means brave, and that’s the way men are supposed to be.

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