5 Traditional Wedding Customs That Are Slowly Disappearing

5 Traditional Wedding Customs That Are Slowly Disappearing

If you’ve seen a lot of weddings amongst family and friends, you know for sure that every single wedding is definably going to have that traditional drunken uncle’s speech, the giant cake cutting, the classic bouquet toss and church organs in the background, right? What? You have no clue about it! We don’t blame you for not knowing this friends, but a lot of these wedding customs are slowly fading out. Do you know which ones?

1. Getting married at the church’s altar

With theme weddings doing the rounds, the wedding may still take place with the couple but here, the priest stands on a beach or even up in the air, paragliding. Couples don’t care too much about the crucifix in the background with the traditional mouth organs of the church anymore.

2. Bridesmaid wearing similar dresses

Ugghhh, we just hate it when we see all the bridesmaids wearing the same dresses and standing in a queue behind the bride. Sure, we understand that the bride can’t be overshadowed by all the lovely bridesmaids, but hey, at least give them different dresses to wear. By the way, we have seen a few weddings off late that have bucked this wedding tradition.

3. Carrying expensive gifts for the couple

Have you ever read an invitation card that says ‘No gifts please’. Here’s what. We read a wedding invite that said ‘Guests with presents will be sent back’. What the hell! Of course, it was written in jest but the truth is that the traditional wedding custom of bringing expensive wedding gifts for the couple is slowly disappearing.

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