6 Ways to Resist the Urge to Splurge

6 Ways to Resist the Urge to Splurge

Many women are combating the problem of splurging and going overboard with their spending on a daily basis, throughout the world. We women seriously need to put a plug on this unhealthy habit of ours. These 6 tips should ensure that splurging becomes a thing of the past.

1. Calculate the money you spend

Sit down and calculate the amount of money you spend very month. Then calculate how much of it was spent on necessary goods, and how much was splurged on things that you didn’t really need but bought it for the heck of it. The differences will be glaring, and you would immediately stop this bad habit of overspending.

2. Shop with cash

Splurging comes easy to people who shop with plastic cards. When you actually hand over a big bundle of cash to the cashier, instead of just a thin card, you will feel the pinch of money being taken away from you, your hard earned dough. Thus, this psychology will make you spend less.

3. Take your husband or boyfriend along

Men generally have a better outlook on spending and expenses, especially as far as shopping is concerned. If ever you have to shop for something, take along any male you know, be it your boyfriend, husband, brother, friend or father. They will make sure your wallet doesn’t feel empty and wean you away from buying unnecessary stuff unlike women who in fact indulge each other to buy this and that.

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