5 Signs It is Time to Think of Marriage in Your Relationship

5 Signs It is Time to Think of Marriage in Your Relationship

After a long season of courtship, does the prospect of marriage prop in your mind now and then? This can only mean that your relationship has reached the stage of seriousness that is required for marriage. It is not that simple to point out a precise time when you’re ready to get married. You may be the one who has found your soul mate in just a few months of dating or you may have courted for several years before accepting that he is your soul mate. Some subtle hints can of course lead you in this direction of thought.

1. You and your partner discuss financial issues

Talking about finances, investments and other monetary assets is not a trivial conversation between you and your partner. If your boyfriend is keen on discussing his financial goals and interests with you and if the same applies to you, then you both are serious about the relationship. Your courtship is ready to transform into a marriage.

2. You both plan to invest jointly

Is your boyfriend keen on jointly investing in a property with you? This is a sure indication that he has taken the relationship to another level and is seriously considering settling down with you. Soon you’ll be hearing the wedding bells ringing.

3. Discussion on career plans and other important decisions

If your friendly chats are turning out to be sessions of serious discussions about career goals and interests, you should be well assured that he wants to take decisions that suit you both. This can only mean that he is thinking of your future together, a positive sign of your love life turning into the boulevard of marriage.

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