10 Ways To Stay As Friends After A Breakup

10 Ways To Stay As Friends After Break Up

A breakup usually ends with things like “I know our relationship has come to an end but we’ll still stay friends forever.” This is just a formal way of ending it on a good note. There’s hardly anyone who practices this. Most people believe that it is not possible to stay friends after a breakup. Yes, it is not easy. But it surely can be tried. Try to follow these 10 steps and stay friends with your ex in spite of a breakup.

1. Don’t blame each other

Whatever happened, happened for the best! The two of you were in love once upon a time. Hence keeping this in mind, it is important to respect each other even after it is over. Listen to what your ex has to say and speak in a calm and composed manner. Speak like a mature individual. Avoid calling names and throwing accusations at each other!

2. Break all contacts for a while

Sometimes, it is better to break all contacts with your ex in order to make situations better in future. If you don’t do this, you will never get the time to get over your ex. Unless you get over him or he gets over you, the two of you can’t act as if nothing has happened and stay friends in future.

3. Spend sometime with your friends

Do things that make you happy. Make the best use of time and do all the things that you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship. Meet up with your friends. Try your best to make this period, as less painful as possible. If it turns out to be sore, there are chances that you may start blaming your ex for your agony.

4. Don’t take revenge

This is one of the most immature responses to the situation. This will eliminate any possible chance that you have, of staying friends with your ex. Do not try to make him jealous or even talk ill about him before others.

5. Respect him

Always respect the past that you had with him. Unless you do, you cannot expect him to respect you either. Wish him the best in his future.

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