10 Ideas for a Girls’ Day Out

10 Ideas for a Girls' Day Out

Girls love hanging out together and have fun. If you want to have a good time with your girlfriends, take inspiration from some of these ideas for an awesome girls day out.

1. Have a marathon movie watching session

You may have gone to see a movie at the theater in the past, but it may be unlikely that you would have watched two or three movies back to back. To do something different and fun, buy tickets for two or three movie running at back to back show times. Lap up the buckets of popcorn, soda and other goodies while you and your friends get cozy watching a few movies.

2. Go to a wine sampling or tea tasting session

Wine sampling and tea tasting sessions are really cool and exotic things to do on for girls day out. Get the girls together and drive away to a vineyard to pair up different wines and cheese. Alternatively, you all can also rock up at a tea tasting session to bask in the aromas of teas from across the world.

3. Hunt for big bargains at flea markets

How fun would it be roam the most random streets of your cities scouting for the best deals for everything from household decor items to apparel to funky jewelry? Your gang of girls can discover a treasure of junk in flea markets, envy each other on some great deals and exchange notes on who got the best stuff at the end of the day.

4. Go for a spa treatment together

It may be rare to find a woman who does not like a spa or aromatherapy treatment. Book an appointment in a way that all of you can get your treatments done simultaneously in the same room. Let conversations, massage, champagne and aroma make a heady cocktail out of your day out.

5. Go out for a mini makeover to a salon

There is nothing better than a gang of girls bringing out the best of their looks with a mini makeover at a salon. You can have a great time by recommending new looks to each other, picking a new hairdo or sharing makeup tips with salon experts. The fun in doing this for a girls day out is that there will be lots of pampering, beauty treatments and girly conversations.

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