8 Tips to Double Your Dating Success

8 Tips to Double Your Dating Success

It is tough out there; especially for single women who are hoping to find a good guy. Dating can be very nerve-racking and emotionally daunting. We give you some tips that could help you have a better chance of success and make the experience of dating a little less stressful.

1. Set high standards

Just for the sake of increasing your dating success, do not date just any guy that you meet. Lowering your standards will not guarantee a man worth holding on to. Instead, do not worry about waiting for the kind of guy that you think will respect you and genuinely care for you. There is no harm in waiting for a guy who truly deserves to be with you.

2. Stay clear of the “ex” talk

Men don’t generally like discussing the ex on the first date. Even if you have just come out of a bad relationship, try postponing the “ex” talk for a later date. Otherwise, things can get a little awkward and it may ruin your chance at a long term association with a guy.

3. Don’t start with your life story on the first date

No body wants to hear your entire life story on the first date. When they meet you on date one, it is more about seeing how interesting, attractive, and genuine you are. A life-story could bore a guy and he may not want to go on another date with you.

4. Quit playing games

Dating is not as complicated as it is seems. However, if you keep playing games or are not being true to yourself or the guy, things can turn ugly in the long run. Stay genuine and honest. Do not be scared of rejection. There are plenty of sensible men out there who would appreciate a woman who has the guts to be who she truly is. And such a man is worth waiting for.

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