7 Must have Beauty Gadgets for Women

7 Must have Gadgets for Women

As they say, women are the most beautiful creatures on this earth and the most precious of God’s gifts to mankind. She loves to look her best at all times but the heavy bills of a proper salon are too much for most women of the world. So beside your laptop, tablet or smartphone which you cannot possibly imagine living without, there are some must have beauty gadgets which would come to your rescue on numerous occasions. Have a look at which gadgets you ought to stock up on.

1. Hair straightening/crimping machines

If you are among the majority of women who have curly or wavy hair (unless you are of Oriental descent), then chances are you already have a hair straightening machine at home. If you don’t have one, then go and get one now, girl. There is no point in only daydreaming about how stunning your hair would look in a straight avatar. Get a good quality branded hair starightner which has smooth iron plates. You could consult your local salon or friends about which machine to invest in. These straightening machines usually come with another set of curly shaped plates which help in crimping your hair.

2. Curlers and curling tongs

Now that we are done discussing about options for curly haired women, lets talk about something that women with straight tresses need to store. As they say, straight is boring. Play up your hair at parties and events with a pair of curling tongs or curlers. Reinvent your look and wow people with your newly acquired curly hair.

3. Epilators

Hair removing creams are messy and waxing is a hot mess. Going for waxing to salons is something which people book appointments for a day or two prior. Thus your emergency hair removing agent which will come to your rescue in awkward situations is the epilator. Every woman has experienced those embarrassing moment when she has is in a hurry to get ready to go out but chances upon ugly overgrown hair on the body. The epilator is like a boon in such situations and unlike razors, it is soft on the skin.

4. A nice hair dryer

For those bad hair days when you need to flaunt a presentable stance in public, a blow dry is your best option. If you have a nice hair dryer handy at home then you don’t need to spend big bucks on an emergency salon appointment. Get a medium sized one which offers varying heat options.

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