7 Soups to Make this Fall

7 Soups to Make this Fall

Soups are for all season but there are some special soups for this season. Here are some great soups to make this fall.

1. Chicken soup

Steam cook a desired amount of chicken properly in large water. After complete heating, cut the chicken into small chunks. Then put oil, chopped green chilies, pepper and salt in a pan. Now add broth to it and once it gets warm, add the chicken chunks to it. Heat again for few minutes and turn the gas off. Chicken soup is ready.

2. Tomato soup

Take 7-8 fresh washed tomatoes and blanch it. Peel off tomatoes and remove seeds from it. Then crush the tomatoes. Heat a pan with oil, pepper, salt, green chilies and add crushed tomatoes to these spices. Now add water to this mixture and heat it until it gets thick. Garnish with fresh green cilantro before serving.

3. French onion soup

Take onions and chop them into fine pieces. Boil these chopped onions in water with butter, pepper, salt and chilies in it. After the onions get soft, crush them out a bit in the prepared onion stock. Serve French onion soup hot.

4. Vegetable soup

Dice the required vegetables and put all in a bowl. Heat these up in water. After the vegetables are heated, put a pan on the gas with butter, spices, sliced onions and water to it. Now add boiled vegetables along with vegetables stock and reheat it till 25-30 minutes. Add breadcrumbs according to your taste.

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