6 Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

6 Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

In 1891 when people were a lot more creative, it took a rainy day for a physical trainer from Massachusetts, who wanted to keep his gym members engaged and active, to think of basketball. He came up with a game which could be played indoors, a game with an objective and team building. Later he wrote down the rules and the basketball was invented. Basketball started off as a fitness fixture for gym members. Although like any sport, many people contributed to its rules which ultimately made it a better game. Listed for you are some of the health benefits of basketball.

1. Good overall exercise for the body

Practicing perfection in “ball dribbling” works great for your forearm especially when you cross over the ball. Playing around and passing the ball engage chest and striated muscles. Jumping works exceedingly well for abs and legs and stretches your entire body.

2. Works great for weight loss

This incredible sport facilitates losing weight. It aids in muscle building while losing that extra fat. As the game involves dribbling, passing, jumping and running it comes across as an all body based sport. An hour of basket ball game can help you shed 700-750 calories.

3. Enhances brain power

It takes a good level of concentration to play a game of basketball. The player’s eyes are glued to the ball which is stirring swiftly from player to player. Rapid calculation, super active mind and great agility can lead to good performance in the game.

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