10 Good Manners All Girls Should Have

10 Good Manners All Girls Should Have

There are certain things that cannot be taught. They ought to be imbibed in us right since our childhood. However, it’s never too late to pay heed to some simple manners that every girl out there needs to follow.

1. Politeness

Every girl needs to be polite in her encounters. It will not just enhance your personality but will make you appear quite approachable and likable to others around. You can be polite by saying a simple ‘thank you’ after a meeting or an heartfelt ‘sorry’ once you feel something amiss. An ‘excuse me’ becomes indispensable once there’s a need to leave a discussion or while interrupting someone to move ahead.

2. Decency

It goes without saying that a decent girl appears more charismatic to others than those putting across a fake demeanor in front of others. Being a lady, it is of utmost importance that you behave decently in front of others which can be achieved by behaving the right way in front of men. You need to evade trying to attract men in the wrong way, especially while knowing the fact that some men can be carried away easily.

3. Gentleness

Even if it’s your most awaited friend standing across, please do not shout your heart out in front of others. Handle the situation in a gentle manner by going to the person and then talking to her in a normal voice that’s perfect for a street encounter.

4. Pleasantness

As a girl, it becomes very important to appear pleasant to everyone. Keep a bright smile on your face always – that will not only make you desirable but will also suppress any difficult situation.

5. Gratitude

One of the most important manners that a girl needs to follow is gratitude. Apart from saying ‘thank you,’ it’s of vital importance that you express your gratitude in a better way. Always remember your well wishers, caretakers and your near and dear ones. Each one must have been with you at some point of time. Express your gratitude to them by throwing up pleasant surprises for them, gifting them occasionally and by speaking kind words about them.

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