6 Reasons Why Rihanna is the Best


Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the Barbados born music sensation took the music industry by storm with ‘Umbrella’ and has never looked back since. The singer has given a number one hit every single year since she came to the music industry. She is a highly controversial but talented star who has sold millions of records and has fans going crazy the world over. Not only does she have a great singing voice, she has an attitude to match and that goes a long way in the making of a star. Flashy, eccentric but also hugely popular, there are so many reasons as to why she is the best of the lot in the music industry today. Try hard as you might, there is no chance escaping her. We give you some reasons why Rihanna is simply the best.

1. She is versatile

Although marketed initially as a reggae star, she soon branched out, bringing in hip hop, house, pop and R&B into her music.

2. She can actually sing

And that is the reason as to why she is not a one-hit wonder or a flash in the pan artist. She has a unique voice and an extensive range that makes her a good singer and sets her apart from many pop singers of today.

3. Amazing stage presence

The costumes, the gyrations and the theatrics. She sure knows how to keep her audience entertained. She is truly a diva.

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