6 Useful Travel Apps for Your iPhone

Useful Travel Apps for Your iPhone

Having the right travel apps on your iPhone can be a big boon when you are taking a flight for business, going on a road trip with friends or camping with family. Here are some of the apps that you must have on your iPhone for making your travel experience easy and comfortable.

1. Hotels.com

Hotels.com is a well known online portal for finding a range of hotels across the world. Access more than a hundred thousand hotels through this resourceful app while you are on the go. Whether you need to make a last minute booking, get a good bargain on accommodation or get a room according to your budget, this app will provide information of hotel from more than 200 countries. You can also access maps and the app’s filters claim to help you find a hotel that suits your requirements.

2. TripIt

TripIt can act like your personal executive assistant who specializes in managing your travel. Just like an assistant would come up with an organized schedule by sifting through all your travel details, TripIt can create a clearly worked out itinerary through all the information you send to it via email. It will go the extra mile and add details of weather, road directions and other miscellaneous helpful trivia related to your travel. This iPhone app claims to recognize bookings from over 3000 reservation sites that include restaurants, theaters, cruises and more. You can also share the itinerary created by TripIt with your loved ones so that they are in cue with your plans. This app has also received many awards.

3. FlightTrack

FlightTrack can be a useful app for travelers who take a lot of flights. From real time flight tracking, information about flight delays, gate and terminal numbers, flight cancellations and alternative flight options, this app poses to be your solution for all things related to flying. FlightTrack claims to cover more than 16,000 airports worldwide and 1400 airlines. You can also use this app to check out the weather updates of the place you are traveling to. New York Times and Forbes have also endorsed this app.

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