5 Signs You Are a Hoarder

Signs You Are a Hoarder

Hoarding is a form of an obsessive compulsive disorder, also popularly known as “OCD.” If you like to collect things for survival or keepsake to the extreme limit of never being able to part with them and turn your living space into a home for collectibles then you are suffering from a condition called hoarding. Here are 5 signs which suggest that you might be a hoarder.

1. Deep attachment with valuable possessions

Do you have little things gifted by people, even a smallest piece of post-it where someone has written you a sweet note, chocolate wrappers, used toothbrush or even a ear bud that someone gifts you as a gift joke and you hang on to it like it’s a prized possession, then you definitely are a hoarder.

2. Messy house

Since you are keeping things that should be discarded, like waste food or decomposable products, parts of your house tends to smell. It’s impossible to sit anywhere around. Your bed, kitchen table, shelves are occupied with objects gathering dust.

3. Unhealthy living conditions

If you are frequently contracting diseases, falling ill due to minor illnesses, it could be because of some kind of contamination and mold in the house. A cluttered house does not allow any scope for cleaning the house.

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