15 Creative Date Ideas

15 Creative Date Ideas

Whether it is the first date with a person you have just developed an interest in, or whether it is a date with someone you are already dating, it is important to keep a date memorable and interesting, as it helps a lot in strengthening your relationship. It makes you feel close to your partner, and the bond matures with time. Here are some creative date ideas that you can use to make the date special for the love of your life.

1. Watch A Movie

This sounds clich├ęd, but you can make it a unique experience for your partner by taking him to a rare cinema hall, like an old cinema theater that has a quaint ambiance. You could also think of taking him for his favorite film that may be old, but may be running in some odd cinema hall of the city. If you have the money and the will, then you could probably have a private movie screening in a hall for you to get cozy while you watch a beautiful movie.

2. Paintball!

This is a fun game, and interests most people. So, this trick won’t fail. You may also try other games like laser tag, wherein you and your partner could form a team and could have a good time together. The team bonding that you’ll have to display while you play the game will strengthen the bond of love between the two of you.

3. Theme Park

A theme park makes for an interesting date, mainly because you get to experience the thrill and adventure while on a roller coaster and you can even get up, close and personal with your date if you either are or show that you are afraid of such rides. Guys have this innate instinct to be protective about the girl they are with. So, a theme park would be a perfect place to break the ice. A theme park is not just a perfect idea for some fun and thrill but also a perfect place to go to spend some quality time in each other’s company.

4. Karaoke Night

The best way to express your love and feelings for someone is to sing it out. If you have the courage to express your feelings for someone in front of other people, your date would surely be impressed. So, the next time you’re thinking where to go for a date, choose a karaoke club. Here, both you and your partner can have a jolly time and even express your feelings for one another.

5. Comedy Club

Comedy clubs are ideal for a date firstly because the atmosphere there is quite casual and secondly because it reveals your sense of humor to your partner. Hence, if you wish to show your humor quotient to your date or wish to go on a date where you’d have a candid ambiance, go for a comedy club. Check the schedule in advance and plan a date on a day when there is a comedy night on the theme of love and relationships. Or if your partner likes comedy nights, then you could take him on the day when his favorite comedian or stand-up artist is performing.

6. Musical or Play

If you are in love with live musicals or a theater buff, you must take your date to one. This is will not only give him hints of your exquisite taste but also impress him. Who knows, if your date shares similar interests, your compatibility quotient might move up by a notch!

7. Romantic Home Alone

What could be better than planning a romantic date at home, where you could cook for your partner and make the day special for him? You could later on play games like Scrabble, or could also watch a romantic movie at home.

8. Flea Market

Going to a flea market is a wonderful idea for a date. This retail therapy could work wonders for blossoming your relationship. Also, you’ll get a chance to tread through the market holding hands with your date. Doesn’t that sound too romantic? Have some delicious food on the way and if possible also visit a quiet place in your neighborhood. After the chaos and commotion of the flea market, this quiet haven might give you guys a chance to discover each other anew.

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