10 Ways To Tell Someone You Miss Them

10 Ways Of Telling Someone That You Miss Them

It may be easy to speak it out. But actions speak louder than words. It is surely not something you can get so ho-hum about. In order to show a person that you truly miss them not only words but also actions can do the trick. Check out these 10 ways to tell someone you miss them

1. Call them

Use Alexander Graham Bell’s invention to your advantage. Call them soon. Tell them how you feel. Listen to their voice. It is sure to make you feel a little better.

2. Write them a letter

No matter how much technology advances, there is always something enticing about letters that technology lacks. Words can bring out the hidden sentiments in your heart. Write them a letter about what they mean to you and how you wish to meet them.

3. Write them a poem

Poems are a wonderful representation of sentiments. You need not be a great poet. Whatever you write, write it from your heart. A poem written straight from the heart and with love is sure to touch their heart.

4. Sing a song for them

You can do this by calling them, or leaving a message for them on their answering machine, or sending them a recorded version in your voice or even in person. Sing them a song that matches your emotions or a song that is close to their heart.

5. Send them an album of old photos

Photos are the best way to revive old memories. Make an album with photos of you all together. You can also add a message at the start of this album reminding them how wonderful it was when you all were together. Conclude by telling them how much you miss those old days.

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