12 Fashion Tricks to Hide Belly Fat

Fashion Tricks to Hide Belly Fat

You have jogged the entire neighborhood, swallowed those insipid broccolis, sipped endless cups of green tea, but you are not able to tame that waist-line back in shape! So you wear those ugly over-sized t-shirts or drown your body in loose billowy tops to hide that belly fat! Fear not. You can style yourself thin by choosing smart dress choices that save you from looking drab. We are here to help you with few wardrobe staples you should look at:

1. Skirts that are wider at the hem than the waist complement your figure. These smart A-line skirts draw attention away from your belly fat.

2. Thai fisherman pants are Godsend. They hide your belly fat and give you a leaner look.

3. Wear big belts with buckles around your waist. Tie the belt an inch higher than your natural waistline.

4. Vertical pleats will give your waist a slimmer look. You can choose skirts that have vertical pleats and end at your knees or an inch above.

5. Un-tuck your shirt and give your torso an elongated look. This also gives an illusion of a slimmer waistline.

6. Cast out those low-waist jeans without any guilt. High waist pants are in and they look classy too. Pair them with dark colored patterned blouses.

7. See-through tops are insensitive belly-exposures. Instead opt for silk blouses in bright saturated colors.

8. Toss away clothes that have horizontal style around your waist. Instead wear layers that converge to one side on your waist. Go for wrap tops!

9. V necks pull your attention away from your belly fat. Tunics and leggings look fabulous if paired with right accessories. They hide your belly fat completely.

10. Remember, tops with empire waists are your best friends. They accentuate your bust and modestly cover your paunch.

11. Choose tops and blouses with flow-y fabrics instead of ones that settle or cling around your belly fat and make it more prominent.

12. Instead of trying to hide your belly, figure out parts of your body you want to highlight – beautiful legs, lean arms or shapely bust. Choose your clothes accordingly.

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