7 Strangest American Town Names

7 Strangest American Town Names

There are a few towns in America whose names are not only rare, but extremely strange too. Some of them are funny while some are just weird. Read on to find out the strangest names of towns in America.

1. Dish, Texas

Located in the Denton County of Texas, Dish was originally named Clark and was established in 2000 as small community. The town made an agreement with Dish Network, a satellite TV company in 2005 according to which it renamed itself as Dish in exchange for free basic television service for 10 years along with a free digital video recorder from Dish Network. Dish has been under the scanner for having a high degree of air pollution.

2. Gnaw Bone, Indiana

Located in Brown County of Indiana, Gnaw Bone is said to have received its name from its English settlers. The town’s French settlers originally called it Narbonne, which is also a town in southern France. But Narbonne sounded like Gnaw Bone to the English settlers in that area. Many other rumors exist about how the town got such a strange name. Gnaw Bone is also called the flea market capital of the world.

3. Seven Devils, North Carolina

A strange and scarily named town, Seven Devils is located in the Avery and Watauga counties in the middle of Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. This town is sparsely populated and has the largest tubing facility and resort on the American East Coast called Hawknest. Most residents of Seven Devils are known to earn their livelihood by working at this resort.

4. Unalaska

Unalaska sounds like the opposite of Alaska, but it isn’t. Unalaska is located on Unalaska Island off mainland Alaska. The town is known to have received its name from the Aluet people who were the first inhabitants of the place. They called it Ounalashka in their language which meant near the peninsula. The port of Unalaska has also been featured in the famous show, The Deadliest Catch.

4. Climax Springs, Missouri

Climax Springs is located in Camden County of Missouri. This town is said to have received its funny name because of its numerous springs. The name is also said to have been inspired from the description that two travelers gave the town on first spotting a large spring when they entered it. It is a thinly populated town.

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