6 Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

6 Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Just got the news that you are preggers??!! Great! There isn’t a more wonderful feeling than knowing that you have another being inside you. Do you wish to share the news with the world? Well, here are some fun and creative ways of doing it.

1. Use the email

You could send a creative email to all those you want to break the news to. The mail could have a dancing and singing animated baby in it. You could also write a funny poem or a message announcing that you are expecting.

2. Throw a party

Throwing a creative party to announce the good news can be a great way of sharing your happiness. You could have a baby themed party. If you know the sex of the baby, then you can get even more creative with the decor and feel of the party.

3. Wear it in style

You can get really creative with fabric paints and a t-shirt. Write a cool message like “1+1=3” or “It’s baby bump not plump” or “I have a pea in the pod” and more. Both you and your husband could wear t-shirts with funny and personalized messages on them.

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