7 Tips for Dealing With a Lazy Co-Worker

7 Tips for Dealing With a Lazy Co-Worker

he trick to effectively dealing with a lazy coworker is to take care not to get into the same bandwagon without realizing it. A lazy coworker may effectively convince a lot of other workers that working too hard is of no consequence as your hard work will never get noticed and you will still get paid the same and that it will not propel you into a better profile or a higher salary in any way. Many people actually believe it, and get carried away easily. But while working hard may not make miracles happen with the blink of an eye, they surely develop your skills, know-how and capacity to deliver, which undoubtedly gets noticed, and rewarded in time. Therefore, you should make it a point to steer clear of the means and ways in which a lazy coworker could influence you. Here are some tips for dealing with a lazy coworker.

1. Avoid getting distracted by them

Your coworker may be lazy in their work, but you must not let yourself get distracted by it. If you constantly keep checking what they are doing instead of working, you may be missing out on your own work as well. If you are constantly aware of what your coworker is doing instead of what you are doing, you are getting distracted, which you must not let happen.

2. Avoid getting carried away by them

You may have noticed what exactly your coworker does instead of working. You already know that they follow a completely offbeat schedule at work and do unproductive things to pass the time which is meant to get some work done. Well, noticing what they do is fine, but do not get carried away by their schedule. Even if they invite you to an extra long lunch break or for a little outing for a while which is never just a while, avoid it as much as you can because even if they do not want to work, you do not want to be labeled the same by others in your workplace.

3. Don’t change your own attitude

You know your coworker is lazy but do not be too engrossed or occupied with being annoyed or angry with them because of it. If you let the fact that they are lazy affect your own productivity, you will have to bear the brunt eventually. Do not change your attitude because your coworker is lazy. Be aware of things, but stay unaffected by them and continue to be yourself.

4. Never complain or report them

Never ever complain or report a lazy coworker. Your superior may already be aware of the employee who is lazy, but when you speak up about it, it makes you come across as unprofessional. A boss may promise to investigate the situation or tell you to mind your own business, but either ways you end up on the wrong side of your boss’s circle of appreciation. If your coworker’s laziness is affecting your work, for instance a joint project or a team task, you may put it across as a fact instead of a complaint, and the point will be made without you looking daft.

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