Top 4 Tips On Getting Work Done From A Subordinate

Top 4 Tips On Getting Work Done From A Subordinate

Being the boss is not easy. For some people, it comes naturally; while for many others fitting into the role of a boss is almost like a Herculean task. No matter which field you are in, you will be expected to get work done from a subordinate. If you are really not sure how to go about it, read ahead and benefit!

1. Never order around

Let us assume your subordinate is a man. If you want to reap the full benefits of your subordinate’s capabilities, ordering him is a big ‘No-No’. It doesn’t matter how junior he is to you, or how inexperienced, treat him with respect and dignity. Send across a well-structured task mail, or call him into your cabin and explain to him what is expected out of him. While doing so, do not forget to use courteous words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. And yes, do not forget to thank him after completion of the job. A simple thank you can go a long way in fostering a good and positive relationship between you and your subordinate.

2. Be the leader

Most bosses assume that working is beyond them. However, in order to promote a positive and conducive working environment, it is imperative that you share the work load of your subordinates. Or you could just simply sit for a few minutes with the employee to understand what he is doing. Asking questions, sharing thoughts and giving suggestions in order to help the subordinate will motivate him/her to perform better. However, it is essential not to force your way of working on him/her.

3. Understand the task

Before you decide to allocate a task to a subordinate, understand the nature of the task. Ensure you can set a realistic deadline. This may be time consuming but will help you understand what is being done, and how much time is needed. Do not pressurize the subordinate to complete the task within stipulated time without understanding the complexity of it. It will result in deterioration of the quality of work being done.

In order to get work done effectively from a junior, follow the above steps. If you are happy being the boss who just orders around, then this article will certainly not benefit you. For others who are looking to establish a long-term friendly relationship with subordinates, the pointers in this article will surely help.

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