6 Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

6 Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

It’s fall and you can bring back the layers, take out the sweaters that had gone into hiding in your closet, bring out the boots and dust them off and shop for scarves, capes and hats. Also be prepared to dust your very old clothes and accessories, or the well preserved ones of your mother’s or your grandmother’s wardrobe as the fashion of the sixties is back with a bang.

1. Going back to the sixties

Bold designs, turtle neck sweaters and bolder colors are some of the fashion trends that have come back from the sixties. The forties are not left behind either with retro shoes and lace up boots back in the game.

2. Capes and hats

And beanies. Everyone from rappers, actors to runaway models have been spotted walking around in them. Don’t be left out and put those hats on. It also serves to protect your hair from the weather.

3. Thigh high boots

Always a fashion favorite, they are making a comeback this fall too. If you do not have one yet, go grab the best looking one before everything gets sold out. Wear it to work or pair it with a LBD on your night out.

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