5 Disadvantages of Remaining Friends With Your Ex

5 Disadvantages of Remaining Friends With Your Ex

If you have an open mind and you believe that remaining friends with your ex is a good idea, then think again. There are many disadvantages of remaining friends with your ex. Read on to know more about this.

1. Moving on becomes difficult

If you remain friends with your ex, then you will not be able to move on easily. Talking to your ex will not let you get away from your past memories. It may even result in you trying to pursue the relationship all over again. It is a good idea to get over your past and then move on.

2. It affects a new relationship

Your intentions might be pure but what about your present boyfriend? He might not be happy with you remaining friends with your ex. This will definitely affect your new relationship in a negative way. Evaluate the situation to know what really matters to you, your boyfriend or your ex.

3. It can create problems for him

If your ex is also in a new relationship, then this might create problems for him as well. If you are over-friendly with your ex, his girlfriend may not appreciate this gesture. She may even feel jealous of your presence in his life. It is better to end this on a good note. Let all the positive memories stay with you forever.

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