5 Scary Ideas to Dress Up Your Home for Halloween

5 Scary Ideas to Dress Up Your Home for Halloween

On Halloween, dressing up is not only for you, it is also for your home. In fact, this is the only festival on which you do not have to care about cleaning up the house. You can mess it up, create a spooky weird place and you would be a hit. Here are 5 scary ideas to dress up your home for Halloween.

1. Go with a theme.

Choose any theme and decorate accordingly. Maybe your home is a hospital full of zombies, or a prison cell where so many prisoners have died; or a graveyard. Maybe a scary church? Decide on your favorite and buy stuff for your home accordingly. A scary theme makes the house look a lot scarier.

2. Cobwebs, Spiders, Insects – the more the scarier.

Everyone has cobwebs and insects and spiders. You should go a step ahead and rent some air machines. Hang the insects by a thread and arrange the machines to simulate crawling insects. And go for really ugly lifelike spiders.

3. Realism is the key.

Use whatever you can to make the decorations appear natural. For instance, a skeleton would look scarier if half of it is scattered across a grave than a plane head as a centerpiece. You can dress your house up a lot scarier if you think about the obvious and do the same.

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