4 Reasons Why Single Mothers Find It Difficult to Raise their Children

Reasons Why Single Mothers Find It Difficult to Raise their Children

Having a kid and raising it well can be a tricky affair. There are no set rules to follow and you never know how your kid will turn out to be. All you can hope for is the best as you have given them as much as you can, emotionally, physically and financially. If raising a kid with your husband was difficult and tiring enough, imagine the hardships that a single mother has to go through to raise the kid all by herself. Single mothers have the going tough than single fathers or a couple as the society expects more from them and also judges them quite harshly. Nothing they can ever be enough and they are always under constant scrutiny with whatever the child does considered a reflection of her behavior. Here are some more reasons why single mothers find it difficult to raise their children.

1. The children themselves do not make it any easier for them

Children can be very needy and cruel sometimes. They really do not understand the consequences of their behavior and do a lot of things that hurt them and their single mothers. Since they see other kids with two parents, they would want the same for them too and instead of telling their mothers straight away what they want, they try to act out in different ways. Acting out can be harmless and also dangerous sometimes, with them turning violent or getting addicted to substances.

2. Social services and other people have an eagle eye on the single mother, more so if she comes from an economically disadvantaged section of the society

The problems with raising a kid by herself increases for a single mother increases when she is poor. Not only does she have to take care of herself, but she has to provide for her kid too and this means working away from home. Added to the stress of having a kid at home is the stress to provide for the kid and also the stress of leaving the kid behind. Things go downhill when the single mother cannot afford day care.

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