5 Ways Women can be More Assertive

Ways Women can be More Assertive

Today’s women are more assertive when compared to yesteryear’s women. Being assertive is somewhere in between being aggressive and being passive. When you are assertive, you are better able to express your thoughts and desires without disrespecting the needs of others, and have a good chance of being successful in getting your point across. Here are some ways women can be more assertive.

1. Have a confident body language

The way you carry yourself speaks a lot about you, much more than your words. When you speak, make eye contact. Do not cross your arms over your chest or fidget with your hands. Keep your shoulders straight and chin up. Even if you feel nervous, try not to show it. It is okay to fake confidence. As they say, fake it till you make it!

2. Speak slow and clear

Speaking slowly in a calm and clear voice is excellent to make people pay heed to your words. Avoid talking too fast. Be brief in your communication. No one wants to hear long-winded sentences. Come to the point quickly without beating about the bush. Being business-like in your communication is a big plus if you wish to be assertive.

3. Have a pleasant appearance

Shallow as it might sound, but we tend to judge others based on their appearance first. Work on how you look. Take the time to dress suitably for an occasion. Dressing well need not always mean using a lot of make up or wearing fashionable clothes. Take care to wear something decent and project an appearance that is respectable and make others feel that you should be taken seriously.

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