6 Reasons not to Date Your Friends

Reasons not to Date Your Friends

Friends are friends and are meant for friendship. You should not convert your friends to your dates because it would lead to chaos in your life. You may not realize this at the onset, but at length, things are likely to get awry and confusing. You share something special in every relationship – a friend or a life-partner. But you cannot always mix two relationships as it could lead to chaos. So before dating a friend, consider all the pros and cons of doing so. Listed below are 6 reasons not to date your friends.

1. It could ruin the friendship

When you seek a partner, you do so for purposes more than friendship, and friendship cannot be done away with. It is not optional but crucial. But, if you are dating a friend, the friendship is already there and now you would have to take the relationship into a new phase which might or might not work out for both of you. If it does, well and good, but if it fails, not only would the prospect of being life partners be gone, you would also lose the friendship you once had.

2. It will not have the magic

Dating someone has a charm and magic in itself, but if you are dating a friend, it cannot contain the same sparkle as dating someone you do not know as a friend. You would already know the person and there is almost nothing new to learn about him. So there is no spark and positive anxiety in discovering more about your partner.

3. You cannot share secrets

Some secrets are meant for and can be shared only with friends. Some can be shared only with your life partner. But if you are dating your friend, he would either already know something which you would not want your partner to know or you will not be able to share something meant for a life partner with him because he was once your friend. The whole confusion will drive you crazy, and ruin the relationship!

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