7 Ways to Make Your Knees Stronger

 Ways to Make Your Knees Stronger

Accept the fact that your body is aging with every passing day. You need to maintain your physical health in order to have a relatively less painful old age. Your knees are the most neglected of all body parts attracting attention only when you actually slow down on your daily activities. Listed here are some ways to make your knees stronger.

1. Do stretching exercises

In order to make your knees strong, you need to strengthen the muscles supporting them. Swimming, biking, lunges, step-ups and squats are some effective exercises to tone up your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. These muscles are connected to your knees and if you build them up, you’ll automatically strengthen your knees.

2. Climb a flight of stairs daily

In order to keep your knee joint working smoothly, climb a few stairs daily. Instead of taking the elevator up to your home, why not exercise your knees by climbing the stairs? However, ensure that you don’t overdo this, leading to unnecessary strain on them.

3. Go for regular walks

Walking is considered as the best medicine for all kinds of ailments. Thus, try walking at least half a mile every day for maintaining the strength of your knees for the years to come.

4. Try jumping rope regularly

Jumping rope may seem a little childish here. But, it is one of the most effective methods of keeping your knees healthy. Jumping rope on a regular basis will help you understand whether your knee joint is functioning properly. However, you must remember that if you land with straight knees, undue pressure will be put on them; but if you land bending your knees a bit, the shock of landing will be absorbed better. Avoid causing any injury to your knees by landing in a half-squat position.

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