10 Ways to Stay Cool During Panic Attacks

Ways to Stay Cool During Panic Attacks

What is a panic attack? It is this feeling one gets of being way too uneasy and experiencing an overload of illogical worries. The most common practice among people is to avoid such occurrences by taking it with a pinch of salt. However, this is where they go wrong, because panic attacks don’t just stop at that. They go further to affecting your physical health. The long term bad effects that a panic attack could have are fatal health disorders. Some of the symptoms of a panic attack are queasiness, cold feet, heart beating really fast and restlessness in the stomach. No matter what one does, stressful times are often inevitable. Hence it is significant that one takes suitable measures to stay calm and composed at such times. Listed here are some ways to stay cool during panic attacks.

1. Breathe deeply

While experiencing a panic attack, there is a huge possibility that you start hyperventilating. This will cause you to breathe really fast which will result in your body holding more oxygen than required and not sufficient carbon dioxide. As a result, you will start feeling out of breath and nauseous. However, even if that is not the case, breathing in and out deeply will help you to calm yourself down by passing oxygen to your brain. In a few minutes, you will find your muscles and nerves slowly relaxing. This will soon bring you back to your rationality.

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2. Find a way to distract yourself

In the midst of a panic attack, the best and the most immediate thing to do is to distract yourself. You can do so by counting numbers backwards or by reciting poetry or singing your favorite song. You could also start thinking about a happy or a humorous event of the past. This will help you to cool yourself down a little more.

3. Get some fresh air

Go for a walk in some soothing surrounding like a park or a terrace. If possible, go for a jog. Admire the beauty around you, the birds, the trees, the flowers, other happy people. This will be a great source of distraction and it will help you find some amount of solace and peace.

4. Relax your muscles

Start by your face and slowly move to every part of your body. Continue breathing while doing the above. Relaxing your muscles will help oxygen pass every part of your body, thus calming your senses down. Try this and you will find yourself feeling much better than before.

5. Talk to someone

Talking to another person who is a great listener will surely help you to ease yourself. By doing so, you will be actually letting out what you are going through out of your system. Irrespective of whether that person is able to give you a good advice, you will surely feeling great talking about what you are feeling.

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