4 Ways to Avoid Overmedicating Your Kids

Ways to Avoid Overmedicating Your Kids

A lot of parents are overprotective of their kids. It is true that kids are the center of their lives and they feel the urge and the need to be around them as much as they can. But sadly some parents take it up a notch and go to extreme lengths to make sure that their kids are fine. They constantly hover over them, over mother them and smother them with love and attention. Nothing wrong with that, except that the kids would sometimes end up turning into a spoilt brat. Another way parents show that they care is when they over medicate their kids. A small sniffle, a slight cough, a fever and they run to their pediatrician or give the kids medication that they think will cure their illness. The common culprit is the heavy amount of vitamins and other antibiotics that the kids are given to keep them off the common ailments that affect all kids. As much as you love our kids, you need to stop over medicating them and here are some ways you can do it.

1. Leave some illnesses to take their course

When your kid has a common cold, the best thing to do would be to let the cold take its course as no amount of medication will cure it. You can make the kid feel better by giving him or her some chicken soup or other things that would make them breathe easier, but do not give them pills hoping the cold would go away. They will just be eating a lot of pills that do not good.

2. Do not read up a lot on the internet

The internet could help you as well as mess up your head when you scour it for self-medication or help for your kid’s problems. The amount of information would just make you go mad. Never buy over-the-counter medication and go see the kid’s doctor to give the right amount. Never try to play the doctor with your kid as this is the cause for a lot of overmedication of kids.

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