7 Great Tips to Make Guys Think About You

7 Great Tips to Make Guys Think About You

Having fallen for a guy does not actually mean that a guy will feel the same for you. He needs to be captivated and intrigued which will develop a desire to connect with you. Read on to know how you can have a spell bounding effect on the guy you like by making him think about you all the time.

1. Be your real self

Try being your real self rather than pretending to be a dream girl. Pretensions don’t last long. Once you are tired of playing the perfect girlfriend, your real side will be revealed which may be the total opposite of what he has perceived. As a result, the guy may not like you. Let the guy notice the real you and admire you for who you actually are.

2. Depict confidence

Guys like girls who are confident and know how to tackle tricky people and situations. Think about all the good qualities that you have and feel confident about. This will enhance your personality and make you stand out in the crowd.

3. Have your unique style and individuality

Don’t try to be like other girls that you feel your guy likes. Have your own individuality by dressing uniquely, wearing makeup that best suits you. Unique people never go unnoticed. Your guy will definitely be enthralled by your sense of style and individuality.

4. Be enigmatic

You need not discuss and reveal everything that’s running in your mind with the guy you are dating. You may become boring by doing so. Guys can’t help falling in love with a girl who has some sort of mystery surrounding her. A guy will pursue you only when he wants to unfold the layers of mystery attached to you.

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