9 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Thinner

Ways to Make Your Legs Look Thinner

Wondering when you could have those slim, sexy, toned legs? Stop wondering now. Here are some fool proof methods you can use to make your legs look thinner. Just go ahead and get those amazingly sinewy and sensuous shanks!

1. Exercise right

Do the right kind of exercises for the most optimum results. Cycling and sprinting are known to build up your muscle mass, so try and avoid them as much as possible. Walking, swimming, running, lunges and wide-legged squats are great options.

2. Eat right

Your legs will not slim down with any amount of exercise if you don’t eat right. Steer clear of starchy and junk foods. Concentrate on including loads of veggies, low glycemic fruits like apple, natural diuretics like celery, asparagus, cucumber and the likes in your diet. Build up your store of the vital electrolytes to avoid accumulation of excess fluids in your thighs which will make them look bulkier.

3. Wear those lovely heels

Just slip on a pair of those beautiful pencil heels to make your legs look slimmer. Nude heels work the best. Besides the added height, your leg muscles are working furiously when you are balancing your entire weight on those delicate heels. This makes them look all the more toned and lean.

4. Adopt the A-liners

Your choice of clothes can transform you from an ordinary person to a stunning leggy diva! If you want skinnier legs, embrace those typical A-line dresses or skirts. Their very shape will automatically make your legs look narrower in comparison.

5. Engage in household chores

They are considered the best way to shed those extra pounds. Walking in your house, cleaning, doing laundry and even cooking can slim down your legs considerably. Besides, you’ll have a house that’s spick and span!

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