5 Ways to Make Your Right Brain Work Better

Ways to Make Your Right Brain Work Better

It is said that whatever you do, you do it with your brain and not just with your hands. In fact, all other body parts just follow instructions given by the brain. Though we all already know this, we do not actually take the effort to actually consider what this implies. Scientists have divided the brain into two hemispheres – the left brain and the right brain. While the left side is the rational or the logical side which we use to pay attention or to observe something, the right side is the creative and imaginative side which we employ to be creative, thoughtful, intuitive, and for visualization and multi-tasking in general. Undoubtedly, both are crucial. But in spite of debates of which side of the brain dominates us, studies have shown that it is important to pay attention and exercise both sides. Here is a list of 5 ways to make your right brain work better.

1. Practice detailed observation

Take time everyday to just observe things carefully. Practice judicious observation and you will be able to develop strong observational skills. No matter what you observe – the bus stop, the marketplace, or even you work-desk, note the minute details, size, color and texture of things around you and try remembering them while eyes shut. This will also boost your memory.

2. Nurture your creativity

The right brain is all about imagination and creativity. Therefore, to boost your right brain, nurture your creativity. Do something creative like paint a picture, compose a song or write a poem or story. Just experiment with things and do what makes you feel content.

3. Practice an art of your choice

Take time out for yourself and pursue an art of your choice and liking. You could paint, dance, sing, act, play a musical instrument or write. It will help boost your right brain as all forms of art are right brain activities and while you do them, your right brain gets energized.

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