6 Ways to Make Your Break at the Workplace More Interesting

6 Ways to Make Your Break at the Workplace More Interesting

Lunch or tea breaks are more or less the same at most workplaces around the world; eat, talk a bit here and there or pass the time on your computer. If you are fed up of this routine which seems even more monotonous than your work, then break the rut and add some more fun to your breaks. Check out these ways to make your break at the workplace more interesting.

1. Organize potluck lunches

A very good way to spice things up is by organizing potluck lunches at the workplace. Each person at the office or in your team gets any one item to eat the next day. So you have a sort of buffet with people bringing and sharing different food. If there is a terrace or a nearby park where you can spread blankets and sit with your coworkers, then nothing like it.

2. Get out of your office

Just stand up and get out of the office premises. Being in the same environment for a long time can make anyone feel bored. You need to get fresh air, a change in the environment and some exercise for your body. Explore the areas around your workplace so that the monotony of your workplace doesn’t set in and you feel fresher post break.

3. Organize games in the office

If your workplace has an activity room, then you don’t need an more advice about how to add spice to your breaks. If there is no activity room as such, then request your seniors to provide a table or corner for keeping board and card games that employees can relax with during breaks.

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