7 Signs You Wear too Much Makeup Everyday

7 Signs You Wear too Much Makeup Everyday

Do you buy every new makeup product? Do you love experimenting with new makeup looks? Then it is possible that you end up wearing too much of makeup every day. Find out if you wear too much makeup with the signs mentioned below.

1. People can not recognize you without makeup

If you wear too much of makeup, then probably people will not recognize you without makeup. If someone tells you that they cannot recognize you, then you are too fond of makeup. If you apply too much of it, then you would find it difficult to recognize your real face, sans makeup.

2. You need to buy makeup products frequently

If you buy makeup products every two months, then maybe you are applying a bit too much of it. If your products do not last long enough, then you are causing damage to your skin. Too much of makeup is harmful for skin as it blocks the pores of the skin.

3. You can feel your makeup every time you touch your face

If you touch your face and feel your foundation, then you are too much into makeup. It becomes an obsession and you are not even aware of it. If you do not leave your home without wearing a foundation, it can prove to be bad for your skin. Let your skin breathe naturally without the use of makeup.

4. You retouch your makeup quite often

If you have a habit of retouching your makeup once in a while, it means you are conscious of your looks. But if you retouch your makeup even after proper application, then you love wearing too much of it. Once applied properly, makeup does not require any touch up. Change your habit before it damages your skin.

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