10 Cheesy Pickup Lines Girls Hate To Hear

10 Cheesy Pickup Lines Girls Hate To Hear

The first impression is the last impression – this holds true most of the times. Unfortunately, some guys use such cheesy pick up lines when they meet a girl for the first time that they ruin their impression in her mind for life! As a girl, you must have surely got at least one such pick up line which might have made you want to punch them. As for now, read, remember those memories and laugh to yourself.

1. “Be unique and different, just say yes.”

Seriously what makes a guy think that if he’s rejected by rest of the girls, then you’re not going to reject him too!

2. “I hope you know CPR, ‘coz you take my breath away!”

Cheesy? Well, this one is simply sick!

3. “I’ve just moved you to the top of my ‘to do’ list.”

And you go like,”You are added to the top of my ‘Never to do’ list!”

4. “Were you arrested earlier? It’s gotta be illegal to look that good.”

Used and tried, never works. Still the boys don’t give up on this one, do they?

5. “Am I dead, Angel? ‘Coz this must be heaven!”

It sounds like it has been robbed from one of those flop melodramatic flicks of the 70s!

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