4 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You in a Long Distance Relationship

3. Keep him updated with cute pictures and videos

Send him a picture of you every day and a video sometimes. Go to places you two had frequented and send him pictures of you there, with a caption that says, I miss you or I wish you were here. This will let him know that he is on your mind, that you miss him and that you’ve been thinking of being with him. This will also make him miss you more.

4. Do not fight with him for silly reasons

It is easier to lose your temper with your boyfriend when you are in a long distance relationship. It is also easy to feel jealous and doubt his actions. But you will have to understand that he may be going through the same feelings. Keep your fights to a minimum and try to be as understanding as possible. He will miss the rational you and will also love you more for being so understanding.

Loads of love, understanding, shared memories and a few visits are what you need to keep giving him regularly to make your long distance relationship work and also make him wish you were with him.

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