7 Signs You are Emotionally Insecure

7 Signs You are Emotionally Insecure

Emotional insecurity is what makes you feel weak from within and leads you to depression. Most couples face the problem of emotional insecurity. How will you know that you are emotionally insecure? Well, here are some signs which can help you identify that you are emotionally insecure, continue reading.

1. Lack of self-confidence

You do not have the self confidence to face difficult situations if you are emotionally insecure. If you are emotionally weak, you would try to run away from the problem or may avoid it. You will not have the power to confront any situation.

2. Feeling angry all the time

If you are emotionally insecure, then the emotion of anger is natural. You would want to vent out your feelings, because you might be frustrated from within. There may be many unanswered questions in your mind, which would make you restless. Feeling angry is the most common sign of being emotional insecure.

3. Lack of trust

Emotional insecurity leads to lack of trust. This may happen in any relationship. You are emotionally weak, because you do not trust people or situations. The most common example can be seen in couples. When one partner is emotionally weak in a relationship, he/she does not trust the other partner. This then creates conflicts in a relationship.

4. Dependency

Do you believe in yourself and take your own decisions? If not, then you might be emotionally insecure. If you depend on other people for small decisions, then you do not have the power to take your own decisions. It is better to stand up for yourself and take your own decisions in life. This makes you emotionally stronger.

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