5 Ways to Make this Your Best Christmas Ever

5 Ways to Make this Your Best Christmas Ever

Christmas is a much awaited holiday season across the globe. With the fun and frolic, games and gifts, dinner and décor, Christmas is meant to be festive and exuberant. If you want to make your Christmas special this year, take charge and make it work for you. Spend some time listing down the activities you want to do this Christmas and gear up for a colorful celebration. Here are 5 ways that can help make this your best Christmas ever.

1. Start a Christmas tradition

This Christmas, start a new tradition. You can invite a few friends or extended family to your place a few days before and play the game of Secret Santa. On the Christmas Eve, you can exchange your surprise gifts. You can mount an Xmas tree at your place and tell your family members to make handmade decorations for it. You can even arrange for a Christmas bowl and tell each family member to write something they feel best about the other members and drop in it. You can read it aloud later. Set a new tradition by sponsoring a Christmas dinner for an orphanage or an old-age home. The options are aplenty, so choose something that can give you happiness and make this Christmas special.

2. Go for movie nights

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Most of your friends will have one. So plan for a get-together over each of your favorite movies on a Christmas weekend and enjoy the back to back movie experience. Just sit back and relax in the world of movies for a couple of days. A few choices of Christmas movies could be, ‘Bernard and the Genie’, ‘A Christmas Tale’, ‘Dear Santa’, ‘The Fitzgerald Family Christmas’, ‘The Great Rupert’ and Noel’ to name a few.

3. Engage in Christmas activities

Gather people – can be family, friends or neighbors and make teams. Plan for activities such as Xmas tree competition, gingerbread house making competition, snowman building contest, ice sculpture building, filling the Christmas stocking, Christmas carol charades, themed gift exchange and the like. This will be true fun and you just cannot forget the experience, at least till next Christmas when you can have it again!

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