17 Best Whatsapp Statuses for Christmas

Whatsapp Statuses for Christmas

Whatsapp is the best medium to connect with family and friends today. Profile picture and status on Whatsapp also plays an important role. If you also like putting different statuses for different occasions, then here are some for the occasion of Christmas. Read on to know more.

1. It’s the Christmas time, it’s the holy time. So, stay united on this lovely time to receive the love of Lord and the Almighty kind.

2. Christmas is truly magical; the feeling is so wonderful. There is joy in the heart and joy all around. Of all the fun that truly surrounds! Merry Christmas!

3. Christmas is a special moment, a moment of joy. When you forget everything and you enjoy. Do enjoy and have fun this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

4. I don’t need the Christmas presents, as I have many. All I need is the presence of family and friends, which matter a lot in life. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

5. It is a time to spread the affection and love. It is a jolly time to stay at peace and to really care. It is the time for that one special prayer. Merry Christmas!

6. The love and cheer of Christmas makes it more pleasant in life. The joy in the heart and smile on the face is the only grace of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

7. This Christmas, bring a smile on someone’s face. So, that someone feels happy and bless you with the goodness of the season, stay happy. Merry Christmas!

8. The most important thing of Christmas is love. The more you spread the love, the more the occasion will become special and truly rear. Merry Christmas!

9. Everyone is so happy today, and each one has a smile on their face. So, celebrate this festive holiday with cheer in your heart and smile all along. Merry Christmas!

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