8 Ways To Know If Your Friends Are Jealous Of Your Love Life

Ways To Know If Your Friends Are Jealous Of Your Love Life

Jealousy is a part of every relationship. Be it with your friends or your lover. But, what if your friends are jealous of your love life? If you have the slightest feeling, then there are some signs to prove the same. Read on and know for yourself.

1. The support from her side

Well, best friends will support you in everything that you do. Does your best friend support you in your relationship? If she also feels happy for you, then she definitely supports you. But, if she is always cribbing about your love life, then she might be jealous of your new found love, so stay alert.

2. Notice her body language

Her body language will let you know about her thoughts. The next time you are with her, just tell her about the moments you spend with your boyfriend. If she has a sarcastic smile on her face, then she does not approve of this relationship. She might be in love with your guy. Oops! That is just possible, right?

3. If she gets annoyed

If your friend is jealous then naturally she would avoid the topic of your love life. She would get annoyed or rather irritated on your love life. If you notice the same gestures, then she is not feeling good about your relationship. Well, she might be plain jealous or maybe she might be feeling bad for herself, anything is possible.

4. Past relationship baggage

One clear sign that your friend is jealous of your love life is talking about your ex or your past relationship. If she talks about your Ex in front of your current boyfriend, then she definitely has some emotions of jealously on her mind. Had it not been for jealousy, she would not have behaved in such a way.

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