8 Ways to Make Your Christmas Card Unforgettable


Christmas is the time to spread the cheer! So this time, do something unusual. If you are all geared up for making your Christmas cards, then be a bit innovative in your theme. Here are some ways to make your Christmas card unforgettable. Read on to know more.

1. A perfect family picture

Family pictures are a common scene on a Christmas card. But, make it more interesting by incorporating a daily scene. Like, click a picture while preparing a meal with your partner and children. Snap that moment and use it on your card. You can get connected to all the people you would be sending the card, right?

2. Dress up and use

Another funny way to make your card interesting is to dress up in a funny way. It could be just you or your family. Then use this picture as your card picture. The moment your loved ones will receive the card; they will start laughing, so that makes it all the more interesting. Do choose funny dresses.

3. Gingerbread replicas

Another twist in the tale! Surprise your loved ones by making some cool gingerbread replicas of your family. Use it in the form of picture or any other option. This will surely add to the holiday fun. Your card will surely look too innovative and maybe too yummy at the same time.

4. Any picture using Photoshop

How about making a card that is truly innovative? Well, Photoshop can help you with this. Create any creative image and then use the software to give some weird effects like a Christmas tree that is four times taller than you. Or, your pet running behind you, so anything is possible.

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