4 Ways to Keep Your Newborn Awake During the Day

Ways to Keep Your Newborn Awake During the Day

Adjusting to a life with a new born can be tough on parents, especially the mom if she is not getting adequate help from the father or someone else. A lot of new parents try many things to make sure their new-born sleeps well at night. While it is necessary that the parents get enough sleep to be able to take care of the baby, it is also important that the baby adjusts to sleep patterns by itself. One should never force a new born to sleep during the day so you can have a peaceful night. Although it is difficult to wake up with a restless baby during the night, you should make sure your new born is comfortable and gets all your love. Here are some ways to keep your new born awake during the day.

1. Establish a routine

New-born babies sleep a lot and they have trouble telling the difference between day and night. Although they would get used to it eventually, it doesn’t hurt to nudge them a little to sleep better by establishing a routine. Put your baby to sleep exactly at the same time every day so the new born would sleep well and sleep at the right time.

2. Carry your new born on walks and let the child get a lot of sunlight

You may think your new born sleeps well in a darkened room, but you will only be slowing their adjustment time. If there is sunlight filtering into the room, let it come in so the new born will feel warm and be active during the day. But if you’re new born insists on sleeping during the day, you should just let him or her sleep.

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