6 Ways to Find Out If Your Boyfriend is Falling for Another Girl

6 Ways to Find Out If Your Boyfriend is Falling for Another Girl

Everything is going good in your relationship, till you notice some change in him. What could be the reason for change in his behavior? Is he hiding something from you? What if he is falling for another girl in spite of being with you? Listed below are some ways to find out, read on.

1. He is always on his phone

What if you are talking to him and he is busy chatting with someone else. What would you do in such a situation? It is possible that he is chatting to someone he is close to. If he does not allow you to touch his phone, then chances are he is falling out of love with you. This is the first sign that he is getting close to some other girl in his life.

2. He talks about her

If suddenly he talks about his special friend in front of you, then he might be attracted to her. If he compliments her and compares you with her, then he might be falling for her. Guys normally talk about girls, they adore the most. If in spite of being with you, he is talking about his special friend, then this can be a warning sign for you.

3. Your jokes are turning serious

If your normal jokes are hurting him, then there is no love left in your relationship. It is possible that he would want to move on with this relationship. If small things offend him without reason, there is no trust left in your relationship. He is finding solace in someone else.

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