7 Lipstick Tips to Pick The Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

Lipstick Tips to Pick The Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

You are a lipstick junkie, but you haven’t found the exact tint that best complements your skin tone. While selecting the right lipstick shade you are often drawn to the colors that look gorgeous on the shelves. Very few cosmetic shops allow their customers to test the lipstick on the lips. This makes it really difficult to eye that perfect lip-mate! Here are few tips to help you pick a perfect lip color according to your skin tone.

1. For fair skinned women with cool undertones like Amy Adams, a red shade with light pink tinge looks great. If you are fair skinned with warm undertones like Julia Roberts a red shade with orange tinge does the trick.

2. For dark skin tones, chocolate, gold browns, cherry reds and grape lipsticks offer a perfect lip service. You can also flaunt your dark skin tone with deep plum, toasty browns and bronzy lipstick hues.

3. The most popular lip shades women reach out for are pink, nude, red, brown, berry or orange. To bring out the best of your lipstick color, exfoliate your lips with sugar and olive oil. A little TLC(tender loving care) will make your lips a shade happier.

4. Every woman wants to wear a dash of red on their lips. But a dark matte can make you look a tad older. Also a heavy pasty red lip shade can make your lips look dry and unloved.

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